Bike trips Veståsen/Sangefjell Ål in Hallingdal

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If you want to cycle in the area around Sangefjell, a good starting point is where the road flattens after a steep climb from Kleivi. At Sangefjell Nature Cathedral you can choose to either cycle along Rødungen to Veslestølen or to Tullestølen.

Rota, on the ridge Sundreåsen is a good starting point for trips on the mountainside Veståsen. You can cycle towards Bosset to Fjellheim and Steinstølen, or towards Nyset and Fetjo. It is also possible to cycle towards Ridalen and down to Torpo.

Possible trips:
- Sangefjell to Tullestølen or Veslestølen
- Rota - Hestekroken - Fjellheim - Steinstølen
- Jonsetsvingen - Fetjo
- Sundre or Rota - Ridalen - Torpo

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Bike trips Veståsen/Sangefjell Ål in Hallingdal


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