Cross country in the mountains in Ål

Cross country in the mountains in Ål

Adventurous winter

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  1. Address

    Myrovegen 15, 3570, Ål


    +47 32 69 92 00


    Hallingdal Feriepark had its own toboggan hill!

    Near the cottages the kids can have a great time sledding for hours. 

    You can rent sledges at the reception in the holiday park.

  2. Address

    Ål, 3570, Ål


    +47 905 98 252


    Fancy some action and excitement? Try dog sledding at the Bergsjø area. This is an activity that suits the whole family, and which is exciting for all ages. Maybe you are a group or a company ready to try something new? We guarantee you an…

  3. Address

    Vatsfjorden, Rødungen S, 3570, Ål

    Rødungen N, Ål

    Vatsfjorden and Rødungen are among southern Norway’s best fishing lakes. The ice is normally safe in January, but always ask advice from local experts before you go.

    To buy fishing card for Vatsfjorden pay at a selfservice cashier located on a…

  4. Address

    Bergsjøstølen Fjellstue, Vats, 3570, Ål


    +47 32 08 46 18


    Fatbike, Ål i Hallingdal.

  5. Address

    Kiteskolen v/ Stærk Sport og Produksjon AS, Bergsjøstølen Fjellstue/ Bergsjøen, 3570, Ål


    +47 41 77 78 88


    With skis or board, a kite and perhaps some beginners lessons you're free to find your way across frozen lakes, up and down mountain sides. Acrobatic jumps and high speed - a sport for daredevils.
    The Bergsjø area is ideal for kiting and skisailing…

  6. Address

    Vats, 3570, Ål


    +47 91 37 24 20


    Located in the Bergsjø area, Skarslia is perfect for families. Skarslia offers fantastic sledding hills, well-prepared downhill slopes for adults and children and cross-country tracks up to the mountains.

    Two grill huts can accommodate up to 50…

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