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  1. Address

    Bergsjøområdet, 3570, Ål


    +47 32 08 46 18


    Bergsjøstølen offers the comfort of a hotel and the atmosphere of a mountain lodge. Through personal service, excellent food and cosy atmosphere - they'll make sure you'll have an exceptional stay. Watch winterfilm from Bergsjøstølen at www…

  2. Address

    Torpovegen 491, 3579, Torpo


    +47 997 97 526


    Opheim Pension is rural and central placed at Torpo. Here you can feel at home. If you want accommodation with history this is the right place. The guesthouse has 5 rooms with a total of eleven beds. 1 familyroom, 3 double and 1 room with two…

  3. Address

    Toviki, 3570, Ål


    +47 975 89 394


    The tourist lodge Iungsdalshytta is beautifully situated in the middle of Skarvheimen, along one of DNT's hiking paths.

    Here you are between Jotunheimen and Hardangervidda. You can choose a number of varied hikes in different terrain. The lodge…

  4. Address

    Bergsjø, 3570, Ål


    +47 32 08 46 22


    Rødungstøl Høyfjellshotell is beautifully situated by Rødungen lake, 1050 masl, in Bergsjøområdet, Ål in Hallingdal. With an amazing view of Hallingskarvet and Reineskarvet, some of the greatest mountain areas in Norway.  Rødungstøl Høyfjellshotel…

  5. Address

    Sundrevegen 82, 3570, Ål


    +47 32 08 20 11


    Thon Hotel Hallingdal is situated in the centre of Ål with shops, Ål culture centre and Ål station all within walking distance.  Hallingdal's larget fitness centre is based here and can offer you treadmills, weight machines, slings, spinning-cycles…

  6. Address

    Torpomoen 27, 3579, Torpo


    +47 32 08 29 20


    Approx 50 rooms accommodating up to 150 - 170 persons, both ensuite with TV and rooms without facilities. Most rooms can be used by 2 - 4 persons. 'In everyday use Torpomoen is a centre for Health-, Enviorment- and Security. But they also rent out…

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