Bike trips Torpo/Opheim Ål in Hallingdal

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You can start the trip in the centre of Torpo, but it is quite steep until you reach the toll roads. To avoid the climb, you can start at the toll bars in Opheim. The terrain is kinder from here, and you have more opportunities to choose different roads and trips. You can choose to take the trip to Liatopppen and down the mountainside through Liagardane (it is also possible to cycle further around Votndalen), or to Breiseth. Another opportunity is to cycle pass Øknin to Volelie (possibly over Syningen and down to Torpo).

Possible trips:
- Opheim - Liatoppen - Liagardane - Torpo
- Opheim - Breiseth - Tjukketjørr - Opheim
- Around Volelie

Map & Directions

Bike trips Torpo/Opheim Ål in Hallingdal