Ål Local History Archive is situated in the basement of the municipality building.

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If you are interested in history or about finding information about relatives or the village Ål, this is where the information is stored. They have archives about different parts of the community life in Ål from the past.

This is an archive based on private people and companies who has left behind a great written production, about organizations and voluntary groups. The sources are consists of documents and pictures, or recordings of speeches or sounds.

In this archive you find large amounts of pictures of among others aerial photos, the local centre and farms. There are also portraits of people, and pictures of the daily life from the latter parts of the 19th Century. If you wish to have a copy of pictures that are stored here, the historical archive can help you, whether you prefer a digital copy or paper picture.

Ål historical archive has a large collection of old recordings and musical recordings from local song- and music traditions. 

In the national costume register, and the registration of wowen fabrics/tapestry you find information about local textile tradition. 

Ål historical archive is a cooperation between Ål history society and Ål municipality.

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Ål Historical Archive


Torget 1, 3570, Ål
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Tel+47 32 08 50 91

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Ål Bygdearkiv (1 Jan 2024 - 31 Dec 2024)
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