Bike trips Sundre/Ål centre Ål in Hallingdal

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You can cycle around the lake Strandafjorden or along the river Hallingdalselva from Sundre. With Kvinnegardslia as a starting point, you can cycle the mountain road to Hevjansåsen. The road is quite steep at first, but once you have reached the top, the terrain is kinder. It is also nice to cycle from Øvre-Ål to Votndalen over Nerset. Sundre (the centre of Ål) can also be your starting point for trips in the mountain. However, you will have a climb before you get up and the terrain flattens.

Possible trips:
- Kvinnegardslia - Einarset
- Around Strandafjorden (or back along the forest roads in Strandalie)
- Sundre - Øvre-Ål - Nerset - Votndalen - Sundre
- Sundre - Bakketeigen - Holu / Kvinnegardslia / Øvre-Ål / Sundre
- Ål - Torpo along the river Hallingdalselva (a part of the Adventure Road)


Cycling and hikingmap for Hemsedal, Golsfjellet og Ål, 1:60 000

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Bike trips Sundre/Ål centre Ål in Hallingdal


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